About Me

Who I Am

My name is John Crause. I am a born again Christian, serving Jesus and I have been in ministry for some time now. I’m still young, but have had experience and continue to grow into all that God has for me.

Photo of John Crause

This is a picture of me

I believe that God has called me to follow a business call. This does not just mean doing business and making money, it means blessing others and showing them how to succeed in life.

When I was young I loved to learn about new things. I was one of those boys that would take things apart or break them to find out what it looks like inside. On this website you will find many things that I have learned, or experienced.

I hope to bless you with what the Lord has given me, perhaps help you with something, or maybe just make you laugh.

What I Do

John Crause

This is another picture of me

I sometimes write songs and I have played guitar since I was 9 years old.

I also like to take photos, sometimes I post them on Instagram.

For those you don’t know I have a cartooning website, where I post a comic strip with my own characters. I have 2 series:

Abe Comics” which follows my main characters Abe and his friends. and “Bible Laughs” which takes the classic stories from the bible and puts a random funny twist on them.

I really love to draw, though it has taken me some time to actually become what I would call “Good” at it.

All About Me

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa to my parents Les and Daphne Crause. My parents have been in ministry for many years. So I did not get to spend much time in South Africa before we moved all the way across the world to… Mexico

My father formed the ministry that is now know as Global Business Ministries International: https://www.gbmi.co.za

I am a part of the ministry team and I help a lot with the admin side of things. The Lord has started to take me very much into business and the social road. These are two new areas that are lacking in the church right now and they need to be done right.

I spent most of my young life until I was an adult in Mexico. You might say that I do not have a homeland as a result of this. I grew up separated from a lot of people. But at the same time I had access to many people because during that time the internet had started becoming the in thing.

Yes when I was growing up the internet was new. Now days it is shown to kids before they even speak their first words, It is available everywhere. Back then it was still new. I remember getting my first computer, and it had windows 2000 on it. (For those of you who do not know what that is, don’t worry it does not mean much now)

As I grew up I did not have access to many thing that other kids do. I had other kids sometimes but I was alone a lot of the time. My father had me in an older age so my other siblings were already off and married, many of them in other countries also.

But I know that the Lord had a plan for my life and he told me what I would be doing. I learned many things growing up with my parents in ministry. In recent years my father has moved into the business and social sides of life because these are also important.

And though I grew up in Mexico I had the opportunity to visit other places also. I have been blessed to visit places such as: Switzerland, and Costa Rica, as well as the United States. (Just California and L.A.)

I think something that the Lord also did that was important, was that he took me out of my home land so that I did not become just like everyone else. I find that often I can see things from a different view to others because I have seen other places. So I consider it a blessing that I had these experiences.

Just recently the Lord took us back to our homeland again and we returned to South Africa. It is the first time that I have seen my own country since leaving it at the age of five. So I am enjoying it very much and I believe the Lord has great plans for me here.

My Hobbies

I have gone through different times of being busy, doing ministry things, doing business things, and sometimes having nothing to do. So during these periods I have learned many things and found things to do.

One thing I love doing is drawing.

Johnny - A characature

Johnny – A characature

When I was in my early teens my father brought home a book about drawing cartoons and comics. I had always liked to draw, but like any kid I just scribbled and my drawings were not so good.

This book was so inspiring me that for a while I did nothing with my life but drawing. Because of this I started my own Christian Comic strip called Abe Comics. I still run this comic strip on my cartooning website which you can find here:

Jays Cartooning: https://www.jays-cartooning.com

I tried some other comic strips also but I mainly do Abe Comics, it is my original work. Over the years my drawing improved but it was very hard for me.

It seemed that it never came easy to me. Not like those other people who just draw perfect from the beginning. So if you are in the same situation then do not fear, you can improve and you can learn to draw. Don’t believe those people who tell you that you must be born with something before you can do it.

God has put into you the power to change and the power to do anything you set your mind to. I firmly believe this, and it has been my experience in life. My father has always called me a late bloomer. I always wait until really late before I do anything. Most of the time because it does not just fall on me. I have to work to get good at doing anything, but once you get it, then it is yours forever.


When I was 9 years old I started to learn the guitar. The guitar is one of the best instruments in the world, do you know why? Because you can take it with you anywhere and pick it up and play and sing a song.

I love my guitar and as soon as I had learned to play I started writing some of my own songs. I have not written too many songs, because I did go through a period of not playing for a long time. But now I love to play all the time and I think it is one of the best ways to either worship the Lord or just lift your emotions up.


My father was a programmer by trade, besides his ministry work. So he programs to this day and it was one of his main business. I was reluctant to learn programing when I was young. I tried to learn, but it was hard. But recently I got a new excitement for programming and have moved into doing HTML, CSS, PHP and programming apps for mobile devices.

Where is God Taking Me?

I believe that the Lord has many great things in store for the future. Sometimes it is hard to see what lies ahead. You go through bad times and you forget the promises that God made to you. But He will always fulfill those promises.

For me I continue forward and I continue learning and I trust that one day I will reach the goal that the Lord has for me. And when I reach that goal it is not the end, I don’t think you ever stop learning. There is always something new to aim for and the Lord has something in store for you too.

I pray that as I grow this website will grow with me and I will be a blessing to anyone who finds it. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read this page. May you be blessed and may the Lord take you on your own journey of discovery.