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You have found a place where you can learn all about Jesus. My name is John P. Crause, and welcome to my personal website.

I have been a Christian my whole life. I grew up being a part of my parents ministry Global Business Ministries International (https://gbmi.co.za).

My desire has always been to learn about the Lord and to present the truth of the word in a simple way. On this blog you will find all that I know presented freely for you. I publish articles and videos regularly as you will see below.

There is nothing more exciting than the spiritual life. If you don’t believe me, then come on a journey with me and learn all about the word and what God has given you.

The GBM Ministry Corner

I do a regular video series on YouTube called the GBM Ministry Corner. These videos are designed to be one simple principles or teaching. But I have also done other things, such as pray prophetically.

You will find these videos on my blog page, or you can subscribe directly to the YouTube channel here:

GBM Ministry Corner Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@GBM_MinistryCorner

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The Joy of The Lord is Your Strength

Another thing I love doing is publishing comic strips that I write and draw myself, when I get time. You can find all of these on my Jays Cartooning website.

Comics: https://jays-cartooning.com

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I am excited about the spiritual journey and where God is taking me. If you want to join me, then. hope that you are blessed by what you find.