What Stands Out?

June 27, 2019 by John Crause

Abe - Still Too Small Comic
Abe – Still Too Small

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Is there something that stands out to you in the Bible when you read it?

For me what always stands out is how good their memory was. It seems they would always write down things in detail. And they would remember everything.

I wish that I was like that all the time.

It must have been hard for so many of the heroes of faith in the word. And yet they pressed through and believed the Lord and His promises.

Do you believe that God will fulfill His promises in your life? Even when it has been so long and you still do not see them being fulfilled?

The Lord will fulfill those promises in your life. Keep reading the promises that He has given you in the word. And keep seeing the positive pictures that He has given.

What is the biggest thing that stands out to you in the Bible?

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