Burning Opportunity

June 26, 2019 by John Crause

Bible Laughs Comic:

Bible Laughs – Burning Opportunity

I like the story of Moses. And I think the part that always fascinated me as a kid was the burning bush.

I always thought that Moses must have just gone up to the bush and was not surprised. But I think he must have been frightened to see a bush on fire.

And not only that but suddenly a voice speaks to him and tells him to go back to Egypt.

That must have been hard, since I am sure he did not feel like doing that. But he was faithful and he went back.

I do not know how long it took him to prepare to go back after that. But I think just the fact that he was ready to suddenly change was all that mattered.

Are you waiting for God to change something in your life?

Maybe it is not time yet. But all that He requires of you is that you are ready to change when He says so.

Maybe it will be like the burning bush, where you see clearly. Or maybe it will not be as profound, but are you ready to move when He wants you too?

Like the cartoon above. Just have marshmallows ready when that bush starts to burn. Because then you will be ready for the opportunity that God is giving you.

And when He sees that you are faithful and ready then He will move in your life and bring those opportunities. Not only for what He has called you to, But for the things that you desire to do.


John Crause

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