How to Be A Star

January 19, 2019 by John Crause

Be The Star

All I could see was the ground far below me. I was flying through the air, and I could feel the breeze in my hair. I could see all the other people down on the ground, but me, I wasn’t stuck down there. I could fly wherever I wanted to, to anywhere in the world.

There were no restrictions; in an instant I could take off and reach whatever height I wanted to. The warm sun shone on my face as I soared through the sky. And I could feel the air rush past as I went faster and faster.

Then suddenly the scene changed, and I was sitting in my living room, stuck on the ground like everyone else. It was all just a fantasy, I was watching a movie.

I thought, “What! It’s over already?!” For a short time I had felt like I was part of that movie, I could feel like the hero, I could see myself in that position. I really could almost feel like I was flying through the air.

Why did it have to end?

Sometimes I think.

“Can’t my life be like that movie? Why can’t I stay in that forever?”

That is one of the reasons why movies are so popular. They allow you to escape your life, and take your emotions for a spin.

You can get almost any feeling you want from movies nowadays. But it’s only while you’re in the movie.

You are already the star of your own movie.

God has made a movie just for you, not for anyone else, but for YOU!

From the moment you were born you were the star, and you have the power to change the way it goes. You alone can decide your own direction, and do what you want in life.

Well that’s easier said than done. Because the first thing you will need to do, is learn how to act in your movie. You need to learn to fly.

But No matter how hard you try you will never be able to really fly, like I did in the movie. That is pure fantasy, but hey you can always dream.

And dreams are important, because they keep you aiming higher. You need to have a dream; something so huge that you know you can never reach it, but you aim as high as you can.

What does it mean to learn to fly?

It means you must act.

You see in a movie there are many people who help in different ways. There are the Actors, who do everything. They’re the ones who get to experience everything that happens.

There are the Directors. And they are the ones who decide the direction the movie will take.

Then there’s one more person. And that’s the person who watches the movie. He or she is the one that doesn’t do anything, but just enjoys watching what everyone else does.

Not long ago I realized that I was like a person who just watches the movie. All around me there were people who were doing something with their lives. I watched them, and felt like I was a part of it. But I wasn’t doing much myself.

Like I said before, I could see myself soaring though the sky and I felt the breeze. But when it was over, I had not done anything.

There is always hope

I want to ask you something. When you watch a movie, who do you identify with the most? Who do you feel could be you in the movie?

Do you feel like the main hero, who is a big shot? Or do you feel like the loser on the side, who doesn’t make it in the end?

Whatever the case, there is always hope, because God does not want you to “not make it in the end”. He wants you to be the star of your own movie. And he wants to be the director of your movie.

But it’s going to cost you.

Even when God is in control of your life, you will still have to do something. You will have to act.

When you decide to act, you must step out, and then God will bring you an opportunity to act even more.

There are two things that release the power that God has put into you.

1.   Words

2.   Actions

So you must first confess that you have what it is you want in your life. And then you must act on it.

You must say, “I will be the best singer ever”. And then, you must start to sing.

You Can Have What You Dream Of

You can be the star. You can rise up and be successful. God has given you the power; it’s in your hands, if you will just use it.

Because until you use it, it will just sit there like a gun that’s fully loaded, but has never been fired.

When you do this you will see a change in your life. You can do it. You can act. It’s your turn to be the star.

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