Sometimes you cannot see what is happening around you. You may think that nothing has happened because you could not see a change. But you don’t know what amazing things you can’t see that are just around the corner.

I want to tell you a story of what happened to me.

I can remember being alone often when I was younger. There was a time in my life when there was nobody but me and my mom and dad. We were staying in a house in Mexico, and everyone we knew was living far away. So during the day I had a lot of time to spend alone.

And boy did I get into my own fantasy world. I have always been like this, I could sit and play with my toys as a kid and not realize what was happening. I made whole worlds in my imagination that I would play in. I guess you do these things when you are an only child. It was my escape from life.

There was one place I used to go in this house, it was an outside storage room where a bunch of junk was kept. I used to go in there and pretend I was on an adventure in a cave or something. I don’t even remember what I did, but I played in that room.

What I did not realize was that through all this the Lord was protecting me.

Not too long after this we moved house. during the move we decided that we should clear that storage room of all the junk. So the whole family got in and started clearing.

To my surprise we discovered that there was a whole nest of spiders in there, they started crawling out, and there was a lot of them. They were not just any spiders, they were Black Widow spiders, which can be very deadly if they bite you.

I was shocked when I saw that. I used to play in there all the time in the dark unaware of what was in there. I look back and I think the Lord really protected me.

Maybe it was not that bad, but I still thank the Lord. It seems that I did not always pay attention to what was happening around me. I often tried to escape life. But thank the Lord that He was always there.

What is Behind the Scenes

The reason I am sharing this story is to illustrate what I want to share with you.

It says in the word:

for it is written, He will give his angels charge concerning you: and in [their] hands they will bear you up, lest at any time you dash your foot against a stone. (Matthew 4:6- GBMV)

So many times we look to the Lord and we wonder why He did not stop things from happening in our life. Sometimes we wonder why He could not stop the bad things from happening.

But you do not realize how many times He has protected you, even in the small things. The number of times that He has been there working, without you knowing and stopping these things from touching you. You do not see what He has been doing behind the scenes.

There will be many times when you might face disaster in your life, but you look back and realize that He still protected you.

You still make mistakes, sometimes you make the wrong choice and you open the door to the enemy to have license in your life. Whenever you do this he will try his best to hurt you. You may not even be aware of it, you just go on with your life. But he is there lurking in the dark waiting to catch you.

But through all this, the Lord is still there, watching over you, He never left. He will bring all these things into the light. And soon you may look back and see those times when He was clearly working and stopping the enemy from hurting you.

You are His child and He does not want any harm to come to you.

Right now I think there are some reading this, who have faced this in their life. You wonder why God allowed certain things to happen. Was it His will? Or did you fail to do something you should have?

I want you to know that it is not the will of the Lord to hurt you. He does not allow these things to happen to you. The problem is that we are sinful creatures who allow the enemy to work in our lives. But the Lord does not condemn you, He is ready to take you back with open arms.

He only wants the best, and that is what He has planned for you. And even after facing these things He works to bring things together. Just as He promised “All things work together for good, to those who love God

Lift up your cares to Him right now and let Him be the one who protects you. Let Him be the one to comfort you. He will not let you down, He will bring things together for you. All that you need to do is remember to give things into His hands.


I would love to hear back from you if this message encouraged you, or if you want to share any experiences that you had like this. I know everyone has their own stories of the things they got up to. Please feel free to share with me.

May you have a blessed week full of the joy of the Lord.