How to Run Far

January 19, 2019 by John Crause

Hebrews 12:1

Have you ever tried jogging? A long while ago I started jogging. Every few days I would go for a run and try to push myself. Why did I do this? Well I wanted to get fit and slim down of course.

But going for a run is hard. The first time I went out I ran too fast and tired myself out. I was not in very good health, so it was hard for me and my legs hurt so much afterwards. But I decided to push through until I could run for 30 minutes.

Every time I ran, it was such an effort and it hurt. I wanted to give up after a few minutes, but I just pushed it a little further each time.

It took me months, but finally the one day I ran for 30 minutes. I felt so accomplished and I thought it would be easy from there on.

Sometimes when I go running now I still feel so unfit though. I wonder did I really make any progress? Did I really get better, because it does not seem like it? It is still such an effort to run for that long. But if I look back now I can see that I have come far.

I feel more free now, like I can run at anytime without wanting to die suddenly. When I think back to before, I could not even run a minute without losing my breath.

Your Spiritual Race

Now before you think that I am going to tell you to go jogging, that is not what this article is about. I want to show you that it is the same with your walk with the Lord. You have a spiritual road that you are running.

Perhaps you have been a believer for a long time. You have been going on for God and trying to do all that He has given you. If so then maybe you feel the same way.

You look and wonder if you have really done all that you can do for the Lord. Did you really accomplish what He wanted you to do? Or does it seem like you have not reached the goal yet?

You may feel like you don’t have enough knowledge yet. You don’t know enough about the Scriptures. There is always a striving to reach higher.

Perhaps you think that you are not worthy to do the work that He has given you. But if you look back to when you started, you will see how far you have come and how much the Lord has given you.

Don’t you know that your very desire to keep going is of the Lord? You not being satisfied with where you are and wanting to keep going is of the Lord. Because He does not want you to stay in the place you are. He wants to give you more and help you to reach the place that you desire. But how do you do that?

Just keep running the race and doing what He has given you to do. He will take you in the right direction and help you through.

There will be times that you may stop moving, or you will stray off the road. But He waits for you to return and get back on track.

This race will get hard at times, because if you want to run further you have to face more than those who do not run at all. The more you want to run, the more pain you will face and the more you will have to push through. But if you are willing to keep going, you will see the results that the Lord has promised you.

What race are you running right now? Has the Lord given you a goal to aim for? Then you need to keep running towards it with all your might, because if you stop you won’t make it.

There’s just one thing you must remember. He is the one who gives you the strength to press on, even though you are the one who has to run and make the effort. When you do that He will be there with you, helping you to run faster than ever before.

So keep on running forward, trusting that the Lord has made your path straight and that you can reach the goal.

My Prayer for You

I thank you Lord for all those who are in this position; those who have been faithful to do what you told them to do and who want to keep going on. Thank you Lord for giving them a new strength now, that they can stand up and go forward with boldness and confidence.

I thank you for helping those who are just starting this race now, that you will give them a passion and desire to do more for you. Thank you Lord that you have set a road before every one who is reading this.

May you open the way once again, that they can run forward and reach every goal you set before them. Thank you for it now Lord, in Jesus’ name. Amen

If you were blessed by this article. Please feel free to write and let me know.

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